About Us

The purpose of this group is to encourage students to focus on what they need to do academically in order to graduate from New Smyrna Beach High School by providing support and collaboration in reducing risk factors.

There are currently 40 plus students who have signed up to participate. Many of the students in this group have been focused more on survival rather than on academic success and are considered to be at risk of not graduating.  They chose their name, “Unhooked Seniors”, to represent New Smyrna Beach High School Barracudas who will not allow the many potentially dangerous “hooks” to snag them out of “the school”.  Most of them are in financially challenging and emotionally non supportive situations, with a few of them even being defined as homeless.  The group began as a means of encouragement for these students to not give up on graduating from high school and help them focus on how close to receiving their diploma they really are. We monitor and celebrate each step toward success. The group also offers an opportunity for the students to network, tutor and mentor one another. They are able to vent their frustrations in a safe, confidential meeting which meets at the same time and same place each week. We have planned a celebration that includes a dinner out at no charge to the students at the end of each grading period and are finding financial resources for these as well as for many other Senior needs such as Senior Dues, pictures, yearbooks, Homecoming, Prom, attire, a nice Christmas, etc..

Some recent comments by the group have been “I can’t believe these people care about us like this!”  “I would like to meet some of the people who are doing all of these nice things for us.” “I really think I am going to graduate now and I really doubted it before I joined this group!”