Take Action & Volunteer

  1. Join our organization Membership Programs
  • Capstone ($5,000.00) Memberships are committed to funding the Cuda House
  • Cornerstone ($1,200.00) $100 per month to fund student services
  • Platinum ($600.00) $50 per month to fund student services
  • Gold ($300.00) $25 per month to fund student services
  • Senior Life ($275.00) Provides one senior with cap and gown for graduation, a yearbook, senior fees, a ticket to prom & homecoming and senior trip
    Contact: John Froman FromanJ@lscc.edu 386-341-9249
  1. Mentoring or tutoring a student
Contact: Carol Leach carolleach76@gmail.com 386-424-5419
  2. Host a Quarterly Celebration
Contact: Kim Lawler crazy-kimba@cfl.rr.com 386-566-1037
  3. Provide food for the Bridge House: Items for the pantry or prepare a meal.
Contact: Kim Lawler crazy-kimba@cfl.rr.com 386-566-1037
  4. Provide work for a student (part time & odd jobs)
    Contact: Kaye Walker jkkswalker@cfl.rr.com 386-846-8755
  5. Becoming a Homecoming or Prom Sponsor by taking a student shopping to purchase attire for these special events

    Contact: Carol Leach carolleach76@gmail.com 386-424-5419
  6. Donate to CudasUnHooked and help provide resources and encouragement for our “At risk” students.

    Contact: Cudas UnHooked P. O. Box 934, NSB, FL 32170 or click here to DONATE
  7. Sponsor clothing and supplies for a new student moving in.
    Contact: Anna Schubert asch1999@yahoo.com 386-424-0432
  8. Donate items for our biannual garage sales
    Contact: Peggy Hallet newsmyrnabeach01@storquest.com 386- 427-4123
  9. Marketing, fundraiser or business partnership opportunity
    Contact: Ray Catheline Hairmd29@gmail.com 386-314-3463